Hi, Nate,

I followed your instructions and managed to compile the psycopg2.

What I did:

1. Downloaded a tar.gz of psycopg2 2.0.13 to /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist and unpacked it there 2. cd into psycopg2, modified the setup.py according to your instructions (added the line containing scramble_lib) 3. added the file ez_setup.py to /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/scripts/scramble/lib/, the same dir where scramble_lib.py is located 4. ran PYTHONPATH=/home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/scripts/scramble/lib python26 setup.py egg_info --tag-build=_8.4.2_static bdist_egg

the output is attached (looks ok)

5. ran run.sh (database_connection = postgres://user:pass@host:5432/vd_galaxy?sslmode=require) and got the error

OperationalError: (OperationalError) sslmode value "require" invalid when SSL support is not compiled in

Was the new egg version taken into account?


Nikolay Vazov, PhD
Research Computing Centre - http://hpc.uio.no
USIT, University of Oslo

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