On Saturday, May 7, 2011,  <drho...@uark.edu> wrote:
> Thanks Peter,  I debated which to post to.
> This is just using the Megablast tool in Galaxy.  My IT people are not 
> Biologists.  They had
> this working fine and some tweak has screwed up the GI column in the results 
> file.  It should
> be the same NR and HTGS datafiles that we had before.  So you recommend that 
> I should
> just have them reinstall the databases and make sure to use the correct 
> switches?

You don't know what "tweak" broke things? You've got at least three factors,

(1) Galaxy and the wrapper, but I don't see how an update of these
would have affected the IDs.

(2) The BLAST command line tool (blast all in this case), perhaps it
was updated and this has altered the output?

(3) The BLAST database(s) were updated (or rebuilt if you have local
databases, in which case it could have been done with a newer version
of the formatdb tool). If you are using NR does you have it regularly
updated from the NCBI FTP site?

Hopefully your admin team will have some sort of log of system updates
that might help work out what happened.


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