I am configuring galaxy to use a shared filesystem location as it's TEMP 
directory. I have modified $TEMP variable with the necessary path. Are there 
any other changes that I need to make? The cluster config  page 
https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/wiki/Config/Cluster mentions about 
removing or commenting out tool runner configuration, example below: 


biomart = local:///
encode_db1 = local:///
hbvar = local:///
microbial_import1 = local:///
ucsc_table_direct1 = local:///
ucsc_table_direct_archaea1 = local:///
ucsc_table_direct_test1 = local:///
upload1 = local:///

Should we replace it with some other value or completely remove it? Also, what 
should it be set to for any additional tools that we install?


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