On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 2:12 PM, J. F. J. Laros <j.f.j.la...@lumc.nl> wrote:
> Hi Pieter,
> Thanks for the reply, but from the looks of it, this is a way to incorporate
> webservice clients into galaxy. What I want is slightly different.
> I'm talking about adding a normal command line tool (an aligner for example)
> but I'm not willing to write a wrapper each time (the wrapper for BWA for
> example is 327 lines). If a computer readable description of the interface
> exists, this description can be used to generate a python wrapper. I mentioned
> WSDL because this also gives a description of an interface, but any equivalent
> description would of course be fine.
> Ideally, such a description is maintained by the developer of the tool in
> question.
> With kind regards,
> Jeroen.

How many tools can you name that come with such a machine readable
file describing their command line interface?

I can think of only one - the EMBOSS tool suite and their ACD files
(used internally by EMBOSS to generate the command line help,
documentation, and do the command line option parsing).

Unfortunately I don't think there is an easy answer - even if wrapping
a tool where all the input and output formats are already supported in

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