On May 17, 2011, at 11:35 AM, Nate Coraor wrote:

> Shantanu Pavgi wrote:
>> I am trying to configure galaxy with sge/drmaa scheduler. The galaxy process 
>> is starting up fine without any drmaa configuration. However the galaxy 
>> daemon doesn't start properly when I add drmaa configuration lines as shown 
>> below. I have set SGE_ROOT and DRMAA_LIBRARY_PATH variables properly. Am I 
>> missing something important here?
> Could you provide the output of starting Galaxy with the drmaa options
> enabled?  You may want to start it in the foreground (without --daemon)
> to capture any messages which are not output to paster.log

It's working now. I hadn't set SGE_QMASTER_PORT env variable earlier. I am 
guessing galaxy-start process got hung while attempting to connect with 
'unknown/null' SGE port. I didn't see any error related to SGE_QMASTER_PORT in 
the log file, however I did notice that galaxy checks for SGE_ROOT variable 
value. We are using a fresh SGE submit host install here and hence we may see 
some initial environment configuration issues. 

Another community member Ross Lazarus suggested me to try sge as job_runner 
setting instead of pbs or drmaa. This printed out error message related to 
SGE_QMASTER_PORT in the logs. I set this variable and then tried drmaa setting 
again which worked fine this time. Thanks for the help Ross and Nate. 


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