> Maybe the top level "Shared Data" menu should be renamed to "Shared
> Resources" or "Published Resources"?

Agreed. "Shared Data" is a temporary placeholder, and our plan was/is to 
transition its label (which was 'Libraries' not long ago) slowly to something 
more appropriate as published items became more popular.

Using the term "shared" instead of "published", at least for now, probably 
makes sense because (a) the term 'published' isn't used in libraries and (b) 
'shared' is a more generic term that is likely to make sense to users, 
especially new ones.

We'll talk about this internally, but 'Shared Resources' seems like a good idea.

> To me, workflows are not data, and so should not be under "Shared
> Data". Rather, I expected them to be under the "Workflow" menu. Is the
> separation because in order to run or edit a  "Published Workflows",
> you must first import it?

Shared/published workflows should work the same way:  you can run them 
immediately but have to import to edit them. Shared workflows do work this way, 
but published ones do not right now. This is planned functionality.

> Perhaps a simple solution would be a note and link at the bottom of
> the main "Workflow" page directing people to the  "Published
> Workflows" page under the "Shared Data" drop down menu.

That's a reasonable stop-gap measure. However, it shouldn't be difficult to 
make published workflows accessible on the main page, so this measure may not 
be needed.

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