I have the following tool input parameter:

<param name="columns" type="select" multiple="true" label="Select which
columns to output">
    <option selected="true">NES</option>
    <option>NOM p-val</option>
    <option selected="true">FDR q-val</option>
    <option>FWER p-val</option>
    <option selected="true">RANK AT MAX</option>
    <option>LEADING EDGE</option>

It displays a single select drop-down menu, is this a bug or did I configure
something wrong?

To check I added display="checkboxes" to the param above and now it displays
a multi select but when the form loads everything comes up checked it
doesn't obey any of the selected="true"? Is this also a bug or must it be
done a different way?

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