Hi All,

Sorry for the delay, I have had a couple of other projects on the go.

Still no good. I have made the data type unsniffable and added what I thought 
was the correct information. I have also added the extension (sfx) to the list 
of unsniffable binary formats in binary.py but it does not make a difference.

Code is as follows:

<datatype extension="sfx" type="galaxy.datatypes.binary:Sfx" 

class Sfx( Binary ):
    """ Kanga and uAssembler Suffix Array """
    file_ext = "sfx"

    def __init__( self, **kwd ):
        Binary.__init__( self, **kwd )

    def set_peek( self, dataset, is_multi_byte=False ):
        if not dataset.dataset.purged:
            dataset.peek  = 'Suffix Array sfx'
            dataset.blurb = 'binary data'
            dataset.peek = 'file does not exist'
            dataset.blurb = 'file purged from disk'

My gut feeling is that this is related to the fact that Galaxy wants to look in 
the file, but as soon as its opened, it can't recognise the characters and it 
reports "The uploaded binary file contains inappropriate content". I thought 
the set_peek method I have above would override the one described in the Class 
Binary. I have tried adding a sniffer tag into datatypes_conf.xml, but I get 
the same result whether the sniffer tag is there or not.

I am sure I have missed a step or piece of content but I have no idea what I am 

Thanks again for your time,

Darren Cullerne
Computational Biology
CSIRO Plant Industry

+61 2 62465042


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