The sample tracking system looks interesting. It looks like this is designed to 
have the sequencers modeled in Galaxy, have Galaxy pull the data from the 
sequencers, and might assume 1-1 pairing between sequencing run and samples. 

I'd like to be able to support pushing files from a central location and 
variably multiplexed runs, all via the API (or extensions to the API).

Is there any up-to-date documentation on this feature?

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In addition to Data Library templates, which are useful after the sequencer 
data has arrived in a Galaxy Data Library, Galaxy's sample tracking system 
includes sample run templates which are very similar to the Data Library 
templates, but are associated with a sample as it progresses through it's 
sequence run lifecycle in the facility.  Sample run details templates are 
defined by the facility administrator.  They can be created in the Admin view 
via the Manage form definitions menu link.

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