Hi Greg et al,

I've just been looking over your slides from last week about the new
'Galaxy Tool Shed', which are posted online here:



They talk about how you will be tracking individual tools in hg repositories.

I can see two ways this might work:

(1) Each of these tool specific repositories (or branches if you just make one
repository for each tool owner) would be a full fork of the Galaxy code base.
This allows in principle tools to include changes to core functionality (but
that seems dangerous due to potential merge clashes), and any existing
tool contributor's pre-existing hg forks on bitbucket might be reused.

(2) Each of these tool specific repositories would ONLY track the tool specific
files you'd add to Galaxy to install the tool. So, typically there would be an
XML file, perhaps a wrapper script, maybe a sample loc file, and a plain
text readme file.

I'm guessing you've gone for something along the lines of idea (2), but I
would love to hear more about how this will all work. e.g. Where would
the tool shed repositories be hosted, and would tool authors use hg to
work with them, or something like the current web based tool upload?


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