Hi everyone,

I'm new in galaxy and I want to create a component, so I have multiple questions. The component executes a script which takes different formats : fasta|fastq|sff. As output it takes a folder, to do so I used the extra_files_path attribute of an output data (--out='$output.extra_files_path'). The result file is stored in this folder with the log file and should be in the same format as the input one. I wrote the xml file and it works just fine, however as it's a folder there is no way to use the result file(s) for further analysis. How can I manage this ? Also it can happen that there is more than 1 file outputted, how can I manage multiple outputs ?

An other question about the input format, I have an option to the script to specify the format. I saw there is auto-format detection routines in galaxy, there is a way so I can call them to automatically complete this option ?

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