I am working on a tool that should load a set of selected files from a
group folder. The interface should only display the files in the
selected group folder.

I tried to use the code below to read the files as options from an
external .xml file in the tool-data directory based on the group
selected in the first step but I run into 2 problems: 

-          How can I pass the information from the parameter "group" to

-          Even if I hardcode the xml file to be read from tool-data,
the options do not show up. In the tool annotation profiler certain meta
data of the input dataset are required for the options to be displayed
but in my case I do not start without input dataset.




        <param name="group" type="select" label="Group" help="Select
your group" >

                <option value="group1_files.xml">group1</option>

                <option value="group2_files.xml">group2</option>




                <param name="selectedfiles" type="drill_down"
display="checkbox" hierarchy="recurse" multiple="true"  label="Choose
files to upload" help=" "  from_file="${group}"/>




Thanks for your help in advance



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