we are looking into different methods to display dynamic contents in the tool user interface.

To start, we looked at the 'Operate on Genomic Intervals:Profile Annotations' tool. We turned it on in a local installation (May 20, "8c11dd28a3cf" release), but we struggled to get the interface to work.

On 'http://main.g2.bx.psu.edu/', the tables to choose from are only displayed if there is a history item with: "format: bed, database: hg18".

But in our local test installation, we don't get the list of tables, no matter whether we have a ('hg18') bed file in our history or not. It looks like as if the 'from_file="annotation_profiler_options.xml"' statement in the "annotation_profiler.xml" is ignored.

I know, the file 'annotation_profiler_options.xml' is read, since I get an error during restart, if I provide invalid xml.

Is there anything else, I have to enable, in order to get this interface to work? Currently, I don't care about the tools functionality, I just want the (cool) interface to work.

Thank you very much for your help.

Regards, Hans

PS: this question is connected to Tim's question yesterday - I just
    should have sent mine first - sorry.
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