yes, your web server needs to be configured as an sge submit host to work
seamlessly with galaxy.  alternatives include submitting the jobs to the
cluster outside of galaxy using another script that will either ssh or use
expect.  these alternatives are messy and to be avoided unless necessary.
 conditions which would require these solutions include if you wish to
submit to multiple clusters or queues (e.g. user-specific queues,
application-specific clusters) or require cluster jobs to be submitted as
individual users rather than as the galaxy user (eg. for accounting).

On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 10:44 AM, Shantanu Pavgi <> wrote:

> Just want to confirm SGE configuration again. As mentioned earlier we
> started with a separate galaxy VM without any SGE installation. The SGE
> master node is installed on a separate system altogether. As I understand
> from your reply, we will need to install SGE on the galaxy VM first and
> configure it as a submit host with the main SGE master node. Is that
> correct? Are their any alternative approaches?
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