I'm having an internal data source that is connected to Galaxy (version: second last distribution) through the data connection protocol. I have some parameters returned from my data source website which are parsed with a parameter request translation. Everything works fine except for establishing variable static output data (https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/wiki/ToolsMultipleOutput). I want to label my output data set according to a parameter value that is returned from my data source website. How can I use this parameter as a filter because the following statement does not work:

<request_param galaxy_name="dummy" remote_name="output" missing="test" />

<data name="output" label="labelX">
<filter>$dummy  == "valueX" </filter>
<data name="output" label="labelY">
<filter>$dummy != "valueX" </filter>

I have also tried without the dollar character (dummy = "valueX") as stated in the link above but this gives a TypeError in the log. Using $dummy.value==valueX does not work either. If I print the Galaxy variables by Cheetah code ( #silent sys.stderr.write(" searchList = '%s'\n" % (str($searchList))) ), the parameter dummy is created. So, how can I use this type of parameter as a filter?

thx for any suggestion

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