Hi all,

I've noticed some inconsistencies in the new tool shed. First of all
the table view uses "Name" and "Description" for fields shown as
"Name" and "Synopsis" on the tool details page.

Also the field "Name" is not showing the tool name or tool suite name
- they are showing the tool or tool suite ID.

I would suggest using three columns / text boxes: ID, Name,
Description e.g. based on the current XML file for this tool of mine,

ID: seq_filter_by_id
Name: Filter sequences by ID
Description: from a tabular file

I have previously commented on the problem with showing the
"description" on its own without the context of the tool name as
displayed in Galaxy:




One idea would be to show just the name in the left hand pane of
Galaxy, with the description as a tool tip AND show this at the top of
the tool main page in the central panel. This would encourage tool
authors to write this field as a self contained synopsis, and make the
left hand panel less text heavy.

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