Thanks for reply! works fine for me. By the way, what is difference between 
file_size and total_size fields? It seems that their values are equal.
Although 'allow_user_dataset_purge' setting seems to be very usefull, but it is 
absent in my universe_wsgi.ini file (galaxy_dist).

06.07.2011 22:28, Nate Coraor пишет:
Also, datasets created prior to the addition of the total_size column in
changeset 5700:70e2b1c95a69 will have this unset - it can be set by
running the script:

     % python ./scripts/

Also, Sergei, it's possible to allow users to force datsaets to be
removed from disk after they "delete" them.  See the
'allow_user_dataset_purge' option in universe_wsgi.ini.  If set to
True, users can select "Show Deleted Datasets" from the History's
"Options" menu and then choose datasets to purge.  Entire histories can
be purged from the history list.


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