Dear list,

I have recently finished to set local installations of both Galaxy and UCSC servers. Because of the required set-up, access to these is password protected. Galaxy uses the Apache authentication system (as by instructions in galaxy pages) and the username:password combos are the same used by our local UCSC server.

Now, whenever I try to export tables to Galaxy from the UCSC hgTables tool, I get the following error on Galaxy:

"Dataset generation errors
Dataset 33: UCSC Main on Mouse: Rbbp5_Ang2011 (genome)
Tool execution generated the following error message:
The remote data source application may be off line, please try again later. Error: EOF when reading a line
The tool produced the following additional output:
Enter username for UCSC-Galaxy at"

Similarly, if I try to use UCSC to visualise a track I just created on Galaxy, no track will appear on UCSC I will get this error

"Expected 200 401 Authorization Required"

Did anyone have this issue?
How can I solve this?

Thanks a lot,


Federico De Masi, PhD,
Assistant Professor
The Technical University of Denmark - DTU
Center for Biological Sequence Analysis - CBS
Kemitorvet 208/002
Telephone: (+45) 45 25 24 21
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