We have recently put a local installation of Galaxy on our network and 
connected it to a MYSQL database. In order to have more space available for 
uploaded and created files, we also changed the values of file_path  and 
new_file_path in the config file. The file_path field was changed to a larger, 
communal location. The new_file_path was changed to a directory called "tmp" in 
that same communal location.

This location, however, undergoes self-cleaning; deleting any files that reach 
7 days old (and any directories that have no files less than 7 days old). This 
would include any datasets uploaded or created by Galaxy.

Can the Galaxy framework and schema handle this occurrence? Or will it cause 
errors to occur?

Ravi Sanka
ICS - Bioinformatics Engineer
J. Craig Venter Institute

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