> The general config file allows us to set a fixed project:
> default_cluster_job_runner = drmaa://-A a2010002 -p core
> And even set per-tool job settings. But we would like each user to have
> the ability to change those settings.

> What is the least intrusive way to set per-user native (site-specific)
> job manager settings ?

you may try to use an user's local DRMAA configuration file:


". If multiple configuration sources are present then all
configurations are merged with values from user-defined files taking
precedence (in following order: $SLURM_DRMAA_CONF,
~/.slurm_drmaa.conf, /etc/slurm_drmaa.conf)"

there you can put any user's specific settings, e.g.:

job_categories: {
  default: "-A a2010002 -p core",

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