Hi all,

I got around to writing the report I always needed: how much time each job 
actually runs and how much time it spends waiting in the SGE queue.

The attached shell script produces the report, combining information from SGE's 
QACCT with the galaxy job/dataset information.

The output contains: 
job, user, tool name, dbkey, total input size in bytes, waiting time in SGE 
queue, actual SGE executiong running time, and some other tidbits.

This allows finding how much running time each user had on the cluster,
how much time each tool/user spend idly waiting,
and some possible correlations between tools, dbkeys, input size and running 

The script is tightly coupled with SGE and PostgreSQL, but can probably be 
adapted to PBS/MySQL.

Hope this helps someone,

Attachment: collect_sge_job_timings.sh
Description: collect_sge_job_timings.sh

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