Hi all,
I would like to update the issue.
I have found the following thread from the galaxy-dev list:
and according
to the suggestion from it I have modified the UCSC_SITES
in lib/galaxy/web/framework/__init__.py and 'sites'
in lib/galaxy/security/__init__.py. Now these files contatin the url of our
local mirror. After these changing the calling of display of bed file in
local UCSC Genome Browser results in the following error message:
"Unrecognized format line 1 of
are not allowed to access this dataset. (note: chrom names are case
You can check this on our public Galaxy mirror:
Have you any idea how to fix this?

2011/7/7 Sergei Ryazansky <s.ryazan...@gmail.com>

> Hi Nate,
> No, our Galaxy server is not behind Apache. Our Galaxy is configured as it
> is can be used only by registered users, not anonymous. If I disable
> require_login in universe_wsgi.ini file then displaying of tracks in our
> UCSC mirror work fine. But enabling this setting results to the mentioned
> above error.
> 06.07.2011 22:30, Nate Coraor пишет:
>  Sergei Ryazansky wrote:
>>> Hello all,
>>> we have the UCSC genome browser mirror as well as Galaxy mirror. The
>>> Galaxy has a feature enabling a user to display the data at UCSC genome
>>> browser as custom tracks. I have configured the galaxy to display the
>>> data
>>> to our UCSC browser mirror but it doesn't work properly: after the
>>> redirecting to genome browser page the "redirected to non-http(s): /root"
>>> error message is appeared. At the same time displaying Galaxy data at
>>> official UCSC works excellent. What are the possible reasons of it?
>>> Thank you in advance!
>> Hi Sergei,
>> If your Galaxy server is behind a proxy server serving via https, have
>> you set the following header:
>>     RequestHeader set X-URL-SCHEME https
>> Please see the "SSL" section of the ApacheProxy page for more
>> information:
>>     https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/**galaxy-central/wiki/Config/**
>> ApacheProxy<https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/wiki/Config/ApacheProxy>
>> --nat
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