You may want to check whether your env variables are exported properly. For 

$ env

Hope that helps!

Ka Ming

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Subject: [galaxy-dev] Invalid job runner: drmaa


I try to configure Galaxy with SGE. It works one time yesterday but now I have 
the following message all the time :

galaxy.jobs<http://galaxy.jobs> DEBUG 2011-07-26 16:50:54,002 dispatching job 
118 to drmaa runner
galaxy.jobs<http://galaxy.jobs> ERROR 2011-07-26 16:50:54,002 put(): (118) 
Invalid job runner: drmaa

[ An error occurred running this job: Unable to run job due to a 
misconfiguration of the Galaxy job running system. Please contact a site 
administrator. ] On the web page.

Here is my universe_wsgi.ini file :

port = 8000
host = X.X.X.X
use_threadpool = True
prefix = /galaxy
paste.app_factory = galaxy.web.buildapp:app_factory
filter-with = proxy-prefix
database_connection = 
file_path = database/files
new_file_path = database/tmp
job_working_directory = database/users_space/user_galaxy
cluster_files_directory = database/users_space/user_galaxy
use_nglims = False
nglims_config_file = tool-data/nglims.yaml
static_enabled = True
static_cache_time = 360
static_dir = %(here)s/static/
static_images_dir = %(here)s/static/images
static_favicon_dir = %(here)s/static/favicon.ico
static_scripts_dir = %(here)s/static/scripts/
static_style_dir = %(here)s/static/june_2007_style/blue
log_events = True
log_actions = True
debug = True
use_interactive = True
library_import_dir = /home/galaxy/galaxy-dist/tmpdir
user_library_import_dir = True
allow_library_path_paste = True
admin_users = me@...
enable_pages = True
enable_api = True
set_metadata_externally = True
retry_metadata_internally = True
outputs_to_working_directory = True
start_job_runners = drmaa
default_cluster_job_runner = drmaa:///
biomart = local:///
encode_db1 = local:///
hbvar = local:///
microbial_import1 = local:///
ucsc_table_direct1 = local:///
ucsc_table_direct_archaea1 = local:///
ucsc_table_direct_test1 = local:///
upload1 = local:///

I checked many things, but it did not change anything...

Any help would gracefull.


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