Hi all,

I am working on a way to add/install tools to galaxy in a more automated way.

I need that for the galaxy-taverna interoperability work we are doing
(https://trac.nbic.nl/elabfactory/wiki/eGalaxy). The generator
produces a galaxy tool (.zip or an .xml + .rb) that I want to install
as easily as possible. Since, this is sth that other people might be
interested I was thinking of generalising it.

The idea is to create a script (background process) where we specify
an association between a galaxy tool directory and a galaxy section.
Every time something is copied in that directory it will be picked up
by the script, which will check if it is a valid tool, and add it to
tool_conf.xml in the specified section (+optionally restart the

I am assuming that people would have already worked on/thought of
something similar for their own needs. So, my questions are:

a) anyone knows if sth similar already exists and how reusable it is, and
b) does it sound like something useful (apparently, to people that
manage tools frequently!)

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