I am trying to create a form where there are two select menus, both using
dynamic_options, where one is the parent menu that is chosen first and based
on the selection(s) there is a refresh and the second menu gets populated
based on the first menu's choice(s).

<param name="names" type="select" multiple="true" optional="true"
dynamic_options="dyn_options('names')" refresh_on_change="true"
label="Filter By Names"/>
<param name="values" type="select" multiple="true" optional="true"
dynamic_options="dyn_options('values', $names)" label="Filter by Values" />

There seems to be a problem when the form loads for the first time as $names
is not selected yet.  I get a syntax error like "Invalid string", when I
remove $names as a parameters from my second dynamic_options function call
everything is fine.  Does someone know how to achieve the functionality I'm
aiming for in Galaxy without having to use the deprecated <pages> tags?  Is
there a way in Cheetah to set a default value for $names and if so how would
I do this in the tool xml?

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