Hi all,

Is this a bug, or have I misunderstood something?

1. Goto http://usegalaxy.org (or a local Galaxy running galaxy-dist)

2. Import this genomic FASTA file,

3. Import this GFF3 file,

4. Goto "Fetch Sequences", "Extract Genomic DNA"

5. Choose fetch sequence for intervals in NC_005213.gff, interpret
yes, source history, NC_005213.ffn, output FASTA

6. Click execute.

Expected result: Tool runs

Actual result: Red error against the gff file,
Unspecified genome build, click the pencil icon in the history item to
set the genome build

The fact I'm using a FASTA file from my history should mean the genome
build is irrelevant as that only applies to "locally cached genomes"


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