> I am trying to use install_data_s3 ( to get data from
> the cloudbiolinux bucket into a virtualbox VM, as per the instructions
> at .
> When I ran
> fab -f -H localhost
> install_data_s3:config/galaxy_default_biodata.yaml
> the first time, it worked.
> But when I try running it a second time, it dies with
> [localhost] run: echo 'index   phix
> /mnt/galaxyIndices/genomes/phiX174/phix/seq/phix.fa >>
> sam_fa_indices.loc
> [localhost] out: /bin/bash: sam_fa_indices.loc: Permission denied

The fabric script is running standard shell commands, so all of the 
normal unix permissions will apply. As you mention, if the
permissions to /mnt/galaxyTools/galaxy-central/tool-data/sam_fa_indices.loc
do not allow access to galaxyadmin you'll need to adjust that from
the commandline.

Reading the instructions, the 'galaxyadmin' and 'galaxy' user
suggestions are a bit confusing. My suggestion it to run the
install_data_s3 command as the 'galaxy' user, and do: 'sudo chmod -R
galaxy /directory/name' on any directories with permission issues.
Since you later run the server as 'galaxy', this will ensure that
user has proper permissions.

Hope this helps,
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