Dear Community,

        our lab has developed a NGS analysis pipeline for viral sequence 
analysis (both genomic resequencing and RNA-Seq, including some novel pathogen 
detection and viral quasi-species reconstruction approaches) that fulfills 
various analytical needs of our clinical cooperation partners. Since we believe 
that the pipeline might be of interest to the broader virological community we 
decided to integrate our workflow into Galaxy as a set of plugins. 
        However, we do need our in-house computational capacities for our own 
analyses and are targeting people who do not have time and experience to set up 
their own Galaxy installation (for example, clinical virologists). Therefore, 
we would like to provide the finished product as a non-profit service in the 
cloud (for example, by using Amazon AWS, for which the Galaxy installation is 
pretty straightforward). 
        We envision (or at least, hope) that the pipeline will be used heavily 
and would therefore like to transfer the costs for the used resources to the 
user (e.g., the clinical virologist) in a pay-as-you-go manner. Amazon offers 
its 'DevPay' service for these purpose, basically an infrastructure to bill 
users of an AWS application instead of the application provider. Again, we do 
not want to make any profit with this service, we just want people to pay for 
the cpu cycles they burn with as few hassles for us as possible.
        I could well imagine that other academic institutions have similar 
goals, e.g. being willing to offer their work for free without wanting to cover 
the costs for analysis resources. Does anyone have experience with similar 
kinds of setups and would like to offer advice? I am looking for hints about 
technical (e.g. how to best integrate a Cloud Galaxy with DevPay or similar) as 
well as legal hurdles that we might have to be careful about (e.g., are we in 
conflict with Open-Source Software Licenses if billing is involved, even if we 
do not make a profit etc.). 
        Thanks a bunch!

Sven-Eric Schelhorn

Sven-Eric Schelhorn -
Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Saarbrücken
D3 - Computational Biology & Applied Algorithmics

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