> The option to filter a BED file by the score in the visualization tool is 
> brilliant! There is just one draw back: you can only filter by integers. 
> Hence a score of 1.1 is the same as of score of 1.3.
> How difficult would it be to change the code in order to allow floats for the 
> filter?  Such a feature would help us a lot!

Hi Hans,

Good catch. The actual filtering step is fixed in galaxy-central changeset 

However, right now the slider/text still works in whole numbers most of the 
time; I'm not sure if it's feasible to have it work in tenths by default 
because that creates a huge number of possible slider states. If you didn't 
know, you can type in numbers to the slider labels, but that too rounds right 
now--this should probably be changed. 

Can you share a BED file with floats in the score column and I can play with it 
a bit? 

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