Hi All.,

 I need help in understanding the xml tag for display_application. i
don't know how all these xml tags works . can u provide me links for
understanding those tags like




<display id="genetrack_interval" version="1.0.0" name="view in">
    <link id="genetrack" name="GeneTrack">
        <param type="data" name="bed_file" viewable="False"
format="bed6,genetrack"/> <!-- for now, we'll explicitly take care of
the multi-step conversion; walk genetrack datatype down as a
conversion of genetrack to genetrack doesn't exist and would likely be
pointless -->
        <param type="data" dataset="bed_file" name="genetrack_file"
format="genetrack" viewable="False" />
        <param type="template" name="galaxy_url" strip="True" >
        <param type="template" name="hash_key" strip="True" >
            #from galaxy.util.hash_util import hmac_new
            ${hmac_new( $APP.config.tool_secret, $genetrack_file.file_name )}
        <param type="template" name="encoded_filename" strip="True" >
            #import binascii
            ${binascii.hexlify( $genetrack_file.file_name )}

shashi shekhar
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