For those of you who've been keeping up with recent posts concerning
confusion over the value of IDs returned by the API, the most recent
commit to galaxy-central (5994:435e3f628e7d) addresses this issue.
Here's the commit message:

    Do away with the encoding of 'file.<id>' and 'folder.<id>' in the
    API.  All IDs in the API, with the exception of library folders, are
    now just the object's real encoded id.  Library folders have an 'F'
    prepended to the id AFTER encoding.  All real IDs (including the
    ldda ID of library datasets) can be seen in an item's element view.
    Workflows started from the API using the 'ld=' src should now use
    the new IDs as opposed to the old 'file.<id>' IDs.


% ./ key http://foo/api/libraries/ebfb8f50c6abde6d/contents

Collection Members
#1: /api/libraries/ebfb8f50c6abde6d/contents/Fa799d38679e985db
  name: /
  type: folder
  id: Fa799d38679e985db
#2: /api/libraries/ebfb8f50c6abde6d/contents/4b187121143038ff
  name: /1.bed
  type: file
  id: 4b187121143038ff

% ./ key 

Member Information
genome_build: hg18
item_count: 3
name: api3
id: a799d38679e985db

% ./ key 

Member Information
id: 4b187121143038ff
ldda_id: 4b187121143038ff
model_class: LibraryDataset

In this example the LibraryDatasetDatasetAssociation id and
LibraryDataset id happen to be the same, this won't usually be the case
on an established server.

The API's run workflow method accepts LibraryDatasetDatasetAssociation,
LibraryDataset, and HistoryDatasetAssocation ids.  With this latest
changeset, all of these can be obtained from the API.

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