Hi all,

I have got numpy and gnuplot on speaking terms. But now, trying to use the barchart, I get following error:

gnuplot>  set style histogram clustered gap 5 title  offset character 0, 0, 0
         line 0: expecting 'data', 'function', 'line', 'fill' or 'arrow'

         line 0: undefined variable: in

         line 0: undefined variable: invert

gnuplot>  set style data histograms
         line 0: expecting 'lines', 'points', 'linespoints', 'dots', 'impulses',
        'yerrorbars', 'xerrorbars', 'xyerrorbars', 'steps', 'fsteps',
        'histeps', 'filledcurves', 'boxes', 'boxerrorbars', 'boxxyerrorbars',
        'vectors', 'financebars', 'candlesticks', 'errorlines', 'xerrorlines',
        'yerrorlines', 'xyerrorlines', 'pm3d'

Gnuplot is working from commandline and has version 4.0. Thanks for any suggestion!

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