I am running the public instance of Galaxy.  I've successfully run
multiple histories using MACS.  Recently, I am unable to download the
MACS.html file.  The MACS steps have run successfully and they are
green.  When I click on the diskette icon to download I get this message
"Unable to remove temporary download and archive file directory".


In addition, I am sharing the history with another user.  He sees a
server error when he clicks any of the file links to the .xls files when
he uses the eye icon to view the MACS.html data within Galaxy.  I am
able to use the links within my own Galaxy account.


Thanks for your assistance,




Susan S. Newman, Laboratory Manager

Genomics Core Facility, L2012

Pennington Biomedical Research Center

6400 Perkins Road

Baton Rouge, LA  70808

225-763-0255 (o) 225-763-0257 (lab)





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