I have some questions about adding new custom tools to my Galaxy instance:

1-    How can I reuse workflows?

a.    Should I wrap a workflow as a tool?

b.    Or can I just add a custom workflow as a workflow step in another 

2-    I noticed that option 1.b above seems to copy the complete workflow into 
my new workflow, so if I have an existing workflow A with N steps and want to 
use this in workflow B which already has M steps, I end up with a workflow that 
has M+N steps while I would expect M+1 steps... This behaviour gives me the 
impression that if I change workflow A, this will not automatically imply a 
change in workflow B. Is my interpretation correct?

3-    If option 1.a above is the way to go for now, what are the steps to do 
this? E.g. what is the command to run a workflow from the command line?

Thanks and regards,

Pieter Lukasse.

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