Dear all,

I've a question about FTP upload of data.
The data uploaded via ftp are placed in the directory ftp_upload_dir defined
in universe_wgsi.uni
After the uploading, when a user select the data to import in its history,
galaxy copy the file in the dir file_path (defined in universe_wgsi.uni).

In this manner we have two copy of the same file, and with NGS data this not
the best solution...
I try to set the ftp_upload_dir and the file_path with the same path
but galaxy copy the file in a dir called 000. In my ftp_upload_dir
/ file_path so I have:
- 000

How can I avoid this duplication ?

All the Best


Alessandro Albiero
Bioinformatics Lab
CRIBI-Padua University
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35121 Padova-Italy
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