just noticed that in our current setup the baseurl to post data back from ucsc 
tablebrowser is not picking up the port designation.

I looked at two files:


    <inputs action="http://genome-test.cse.ucsc.edu/cgi-bin/hgTables"; 
check_values="false" method="get">
        <display>go to UCSC Table Browser $GALAXY_URL</display>
        <param name="GALAXY_URL" type="baseurl" value="/tool_runner" />
        <param name="tool_id" type="hidden" value="ucsc_table_direct_test1" />
        <param name="sendToGalaxy" type="hidden" value="1" />
        <param name="hgta_compressType" type="hidden" value="none" />
        <param name="hgta_outputType" type="hidden" value="bed" />
        <request_param galaxy_name="URL_method" remote_name="URL_method" 
missing="post" />

it looks like too late to modify this part.

and in


can somewhere the GALAXY_URL or REDIRECT_URL to reflect


versus what it does now

http:/site.blah.edu/galaxy ?

Where/home __init__.py picking up the wrong url here?  If it is from the *.ini 
setting of cookie path and cookie -
can that be set to :8080/galaxy ?


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