I am having trouble setting the dbkey of an output data set. The input and 
output, respectively, is shown below. I copied this from the bowtie_wrapper.xml 
 but the difference is that I do not have a condition on selecting the 
reference genome. My tool requires a .loc file. The tools completes correctly 
but the dbkey is not set. Any thoughts on what I may be doing wrong?



<param name="input2" type="select" label="Select a reference genome">
       <options from_data_table="RNASEQ_contams">
          <filter type="sort_by" column="2" />
          <validator type="no_options" message="No indexes are available for 
the selected input dataset" />

<data format="sam" name="output2" label="${tool.name} on ${on_string}:Output 
Sam File" />
       <action type="metadata" name="dbkey">
             <option type="from_data_table" name="RNASEQ_contams" column="1" 
                <filter type="param_value" column="0" value="#" 
compare="startswith" keep="False"/>
                <filter type="param_value" ref="input2" column="0"/>

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