I've been tweaking the GATK wrappers to try to get my pipeline working in 
Galaxy; for drop-down menus, I've been able to add additional eligible formats 
to some parameters:

<param name="input_rod" type="data" format="vcf,gatk_dbsnp,bed" label="ROD 
file" />

This works just fine, but it doesn't work for others:

<param name="input_intervals" type="data" 
format="bed,gatk_interval,picard_interval_list" optional="True" label="A list 
of genomic intervals over which to operate" />

When I make the change, and reload the configuration (or even restart Galaxy), 
the menu still doesn't show any options, even though I have a bed file loaded 
in my history (the same bed file WILL show up in the first menu). Does anyone 
have an idea what might be wrong?

Alex Bigelow
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