I am trying to display dataset paths in the UI when user clicks on the 'view 
details' icon in the history panel. I was able to display it by adding 
'hda.file_name' field in the show_params.mako template file and it seems to be 
working. Following is a diff for it: 

diff --git a/templates/show_params.mako b/templates/show_params.mako
index 9f7ad36..58d8108 100644
--- a/templates/show_params.mako
+++ b/templates/show_params.mako
@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@
         <tr><td>Tool Version:</td><td>${hda.tool_version}</td></tr>
+        <tr><td>Dataset ID:</td><td>${hda.dataset_id}</td></tr>
+        <tr><td>Dataset Path:</td><td>${hda.file_name}</td></tr>
 <br />
 <table class="tabletip">

It doesn't display any metadata files associated with the dataset. I guess it 
will need some more changes in the datasets controller to return metadata file 
paths to this template. But, are these right places to make changes for 
displaying dataset paths or are there any other files/modules that should be 
modified? Any comments or suggestions for implementing this will be really 


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