Hi Ross,

that is exactly what I tried - "Export to file" and then enter the link into "Import from File".
But the History never appears in the account on our Galaxy :(
It works between different accounts on main, but not from main to our's..

Am 25.10.2011 11:58, schrieb Ross:
Hi, Stefanie.

I think you might want a URL pointing to an "archived history" if you
want to move your history to a different Galaxy?

I imported your test history into my account on main, then I used the
'export to file' option (it might not be optimally named since it
really creates an importable archive) - main returned:

"Exporting History 'imported: Neue History zum Test'. Use this link to
download the archive or import it to another Galaxy server:

I just successfully imported from that URL to a private Galaxy and it
all looks right.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 6:48 PM, Stefanie Ververs
<stefanie.verv...@fh-stralsund.de>  wrote:
Am 24.10.2011 21:05, schrieb Jeremy Goecks:
So - I'm logged in and the link is accessible.
(I tried with different accounts on the public server - that works; but
not importing to our own instance.)
The history must be "Accessible via link": Options -->    Share/Publish -->
  Make History Accessible via Link

Can you share the history with me?

I tried it, following your instructions.
And different follow-ups:
1) Pasting the "sharing"-Link into the "Import a History from an Archive"
field ->  doesn't work
2) Opening the link being logged in to the account on OUR instance, that
means, the target account, but NOT on the source account. ->  doesn't work -
he tries to import the history on the public server (I assume because the
message was about "this will delete your current history")

When I imported histories from one account to another on the public server,
I never used "Make History Accessible via Link". I just took the export-Link
(the one you can download the history as an archive file.)
I even tried uploading the file somewhere else.

This is my test-History:


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