What I am trying to do is, instead of having to select the genome from a drop 
down that points to the loc file, to take the metadata.dbkey attribute of an 
input file and use it to select the genome. I want to avoid having a user of my 
workflow select a genome n times in each step of a workflow. Attached is a 
sample cufflinks_wrapper.xml and gtf_indices.loc file.

With regards to GATK, I want to edit the tools that are in the broad best 
practices workflow.




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Subject: Re: Modifying the GATK wrappers to pick genome infomration from 
bam/sam dbkey attribute

Hi Ilya,

You can validate dbkeys using validators including metadata, 
dataset_metadata_in_file/data_table, unspecified_build and others.

Could you clarify what GATK tools you are trying to modify and exactly what you 
are trying accomplish? A complete example xml file, and any additional files 
(e.g. *.loc) would need to be provided to give you direction.

Thanks for using Galaxy,


On Oct 27, 2011, at 1:03 PM, Chorny, Ilya wrote:

Hi Dan,

I want to modify the wrappers to get genome information from the bam/sam 
attribute. I did this for the tophat/cufflinks wrappers. I add another option 
to select genome called attribute and then I pass $bam.metadata.dkey in the 
command line (see example below). Is this something you might be interested in? 
Can you suggest an alternative way to do this? My only concern is my inability 
to validate that the $input.metadata.dbkey exists.



See example below.

#if $reference_annotation.use_ref == "Use reference annotation":
$reference_annotation.annotationSource.reference_annotation_file == "indexed":
                   -G "${ filter( lambda x: str( x[0] ) == str( 
$reference_annotation.annotationSource.indices ), $__app__.tool_data_tables[ 
'gtf_index' ].get_fields() )[0][-1] }"
$reference_annotation.annotationSource.reference_annotation_file == "attribute":
                         -G "${ filter( lambda x: str( x[0] ) == str( 
$input.metadata.dbkey ), $__app__.tool_data_tables[ 'gtf_index' ].get_fields() 
)[0][-1] }"
                         -G "${reference_annotation.annotationSource.ownFile}"
                     #end if
                #end if
#end if

<conditional name="annotationSource">
                        <param name="reference_annotation_file" type="select" 
label="Please select a reference Aonnotation">
                           <option value="indexed">Use a built-in index</option>
                           <option value="history">Use one from the 
                           <option value="attribute">Use input bam 
metadata.dbkey attribute</option>
                        <when value="indexed">
                          <param name="indices" type="select" label="Select 
genome for gtf annotation">
                            <options from_data_table="gtf_index">
                              <filter type="sort_by" column="3" />
                              <validator type="no_options" message="No indexes 
are available for the selected input dataset" />
                        <when value="history">
                          <param name="ownFile" type="data" format="gff3, gtf" 
label="Select a reference annotation file" />

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