I have an in-house Perl tool that generates a double digit number of
outputs that we'd like the user to have access to, but don't
necessarily need to be in the history.  A complicating factor is that
the exact number is determined at run time as user input can add any
number of outputs that can't be determined in the scope of the tools'
XML processing.

Ideally, the end result would be that executing the tool would produce
a single output in the history with the other files either being
hidden or in the extra_files path.  The visible file should be an HTML
file that can be used to describe and link to the other outputs as
well as providing the option to either unhide or add the hidden
outputs to the history for use in subsequent analysis.

I've looked at composite datatypes, but as far as I can tell the
documentation and examples don't cover how to produce a composite
datatype with a variable number of outputs.  I briefly tried to use
the deprecated <code> tag to iterate over the results with the other
outputs added as hidden extra files to the index after execution, but
wasn't really excited about using a deprecated feature and couldn't
get it working quickly, regardless.  Any other suggestions?

Jesse Erdmann
Bioinformatics Analyst
Masonic Cancer Center
University of Minnesota
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