On Nov 2, 2011, at 3:39 PM, Nate Coraor wrote:

> Shantanu Pavgi wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It seems like modification of 'citation_url'  in the universe_wsgi.ini 
>> config file has no effect in the UI (Help --> How to Cite Galaxy). Is it 
>> something hard-coded in the source? 
> Hi Shantanu,
> Whoops.  This has been fixed in 6205:9a9479f7e53f.

Thanks Nate. I was wondering if 'lib/galaxy/config.py' file needs to be 
modified as well. 

$ hg diff ./lib/galaxy/config.py
diff -r 9e90faf2cb1c lib/galaxy/config.py
--- a/lib/galaxy/config.py      Wed Nov 02 14:15:08 2011 -0700
+++ b/lib/galaxy/config.py      Wed Nov 02 16:46:08 2011 -0500
@@ -113,6 +113,7 @@
         self.gbrowse_display_sites = kwargs.get( 'gbrowse_display_sites', 
"wormbase,tair,modencode_worm,modencode_fly,sgd_yeast" ).lower().split(",")
         self.genetrack_display_sites = kwargs.get( 'genetrack_display_sites', 
"main,test" ).lower().split(",")
         self.brand = kwargs.get( 'brand', None )
+       self.citation_url = kwargs.get('citation_url', 
         self.support_url = kwargs.get( 'support_url', 
'http://wiki.g2.bx.psu.edu/Support' )
         self.wiki_url = kwargs.get( 'wiki_url', 'http://g2.trac.bx.psu.edu/' )
         self.blog_url = kwargs.get( 'blog_url', None )


Also, it seems like the default values are being passed twice here - in the 
mako templates and initialization method of Configuration class. I was 
wondering if default values can be passed only once during initialization and 
then other get methods would only query the necessary configuration option.   I 
don't know all the code in detail, so I might be wrong here. 


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