Hi Greg,

I've been scanning the mailing list, but wasn't lucky enough to find the answer 
I was looking for.

Basically, we would be interested to have our own Galaxy Tool Shed in-house, to 
develop and test tools within our local Galaxy instance. What I'm thinking of, 
is to use the power of the tool shed to develop new algorithm, new tools, etc. 
that could be published afterwards. Because these would be sensitive material, 
we would not want to put them right away on the public test Tool Shed. Having a 
local Tool Shed instance would still be very helpful in releasing these tools 
to the community afterwards, as they would have been integrated and developed 
within that framework from the start. 

Any pointers on how to achieve this are welcome as I'm not so familiar with the 
Tool Shed yet, e.g. would making a local clone of the tool shed repository be 



Nicolas Delhomme

Genome Biology Computational Support

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