Hi Galaxy developers,

I'd like to integrate a SOAP-based data resource in Galaxy and I'm
exploring ways to manage the SOAP session so that a user won't have to
resubmit their credentials every time they want to pull data.

Here are things I've thought of:
1) Wrap an independent web page around the SOAP service and access it via
HTTP using Galaxy's synchronous data depositing.  I could manage session
cookies through my site rather than trying to do it with Galaxy.  I'd like
to avoid adding an extra layer, however, so then I thought of...
2) Can I set and read cookie attributes from a Galaxy Tool?  If so, I think
I could make this work but I don't see how I can access cookie attributes
after reading the docs.  I might be able to do it with some javascript
magic, but I also don't see a way to add arbitrary bits of javascript to a
tool page.
3)  I might be able to keep a local table of SOAP credentials tied to the
Galaxy Session Id.  However, I'm not sure how/if I can pass the Galaxy
session id to my custom tool?

Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!


J Ireland
www.5amsolutions.com | Software for Life(TM)
m: 415 484-DATA (3282)
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