My name is Liram Vardi and I'm using local Galaxy instance.

Anyway, I can't clean my deleted datasets from my own locally disk.

When I am trying to delete dataset, as was explained in 
First, I used the "delete 'X' icon" near the dataset to delete the dataset,
Then, when I go to "Options -> Show Deleted Datasets", I can see my "deleted 
dataset" on the list
with the note:  "This dataset has been deleted. Click _here_ to undelete it" 
but I don't get the also the option "or _here_ to immediately remove it from 
disk." .
Also, when I use the option "Options -> Purge Deleted Datasets", I'm getting a 
message "0 datasets have been deleted permanently" and
my deleted dataset still stays in the "Options -> Show Deleted Datasets" menu 

I also tried to clear the history, but when I'm doing that, the "using X Mb" 
tab on the upper right corner is still not reset.

What is the problem?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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