This may be a list of weird requests but our Galaxy server runs internally and 
is only accessible to our users so I'd like to make it a bit easier to manage.
I could customize a copy but hopefully some of the "features" I'm after are 
already available. If not, I'm happy to work on them and integrate if others 
think they'll be useful.

*         Rather than email address as usernames, we'd rather just use our 
corporate logins (lastname, first initial, eg.mine is smithiesr) Or can I have 
an alias list (like samba)?

*         Is there a bulk user creation script? Rather than have everyone 
create their own account, I'd rather do them all at once. It's not that I don't 
trust users but...

*         Can I have every user's home dir automagiclly added as a data dir? 
eg. I'd like to have /home/smithiesr available. Would be nice if this was part 
of a bulk useradd script

*         Any chance of AD integration? I have no idea if Python plays well 
with Active Directory and/or LDAP.

*         Is it possible to add new tools without restarting Galaxy? I know 
tool configs can be reloaded from the admin console but I'd like our users to 
be able to incorporate their existing scripts as tools. Would a local tool-shed 
make this easier?

*         We use NTLM for authentication on most of our internal sites - am I 
going to have problems getting Galaxy/Python to authenticate? A few years ago 
we ran into the same requirement with a Java app so ended up hacking together a 
script that passed SSO creds to Internet Exploiter for authentication.

Sorry if some of these sound dumb or are already implemented, I'm still reading 
thru the docs.

Russell Smithies
Infrastructure Team
T 03 489 9085
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Invermay Agricultural Centre
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