Dear all,

Today I upgraded our NBIC server from an older release (fetched on July
5th, 2011) to the latest version in galaxy-dist. After execute "hg update"
and "sh manage_db upgrade" and merge some local configurations, I
successfully restarted the server. However once I access the server from a
web browser, Galaxy crashed.

Log file complains that some tables don't exist:
ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) (1146, "Table
'galaxy.user_quota_association' doesn't exist") u'SELECT AS user_quota_association_id,
user_quota_association.user_id AS user_quota_association_user_id,
user_quota_association.quota_id AS user_quota_association_quota_id,
user_quota_association.create_time AS user_quota_association_create_time,
user_quota_association.update_time AS user_quota_association_update_time
\nFROM user_quota_association \nWHERE %s = user_quota_association.user_id'

A check in mysql confirms that only the following 3 tables were added
during the migration from schema 79 to 85:
* default_quota_association
* quota
* tool_shed_repository

The following 9 tables are missing:
cloud_*, user_quota_association, group_quota_association

Has anyone experienced a similar problem? Any hint on how to solve this is
highly appreciate!


Hailiang (Leon) Mei
Netherlands Bioinformatics Center
BioAssist NGS Taskforce
Skype: leon_mei    Mobile: +31 6 41709231
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