Hello all,

I have a question on how the <repeat> tag works in a Galaxy tool XML file.

Right now I have a perl script that takes in various arguments. One of the
arguments I have is a repeated one which is just a file selection feature.

The script works something like this:

script.pl $arg1 $arg2 $varyingNumOfArgs

By using <repeat>, is the execution of the script something like this?

script.pl $arg1 $arg2 $repeatedArg1 $repeatedArg2 ... $repeatedArgN

where repeatedArgs1 ... repeatedArgsN are basically arguments specified by
the <repeat> tag.

If so, is there a certain way to access these repeated arguments and pass
them into my script in the <command> tag? This is the part where I am not
quite sure how <repeat> works.

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