Scenario: Running two velvet jobs with the same parameters except for the 

"Conditional (contig_lgth) either 0 or 

1 (with minimum contig length = 500)

If the scheduler runs these jobs separately they produce expected results. 
However, if they happen to start running simultaneously then one of the jobs 
looses its parameters and both jobs produce identical results corresponding to 
the contig_lgth not set.

Galaxy config is load-balanced with jobs tracked in the database and metadata 
set externally in postgresql. the .sh files that are generated appear to be 
correct and job directories are created appropriately. Whatever fouls up the 
resuts seems to happen on the rear end of the job I guess. I wonder if anyone 
ran into this issue? It should be a common scenario where people try out 
different config parameters for the same tool running on the same dataset, so I 
wonder if it's more likely to be my galaxy configuration problem then an actual 
galaxy bug.

My job runner config:



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